Diamond (Rough and Polish)

To Supplier of roughs Bhagyalaxmi Impex

Ltd™ guarantees:

To Business Buyers

(Manufactures and Retailers)


-  Comprehensive diamond related services

including global levels of production in value

and volume.

-  Value for money World standard QA.

-  Exceptional design and light performance.

To the retail counters, direct or via

extended channels BHAGYALAXMI

IMPEX LTD.™ assures :

-   Authenticity of product.

-   Width of choice from identical product.

-   The latest that technology and design can offer

We believe in making diamond relations with associates which can’t be cut. As said by one famous author, ‘invest in the human soul, who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough’.

As a License Rough Diamond Buyer,

Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd™ :

To our other stakeholders including MRO, Technology Suppliers, Financial Institutions, Government and Regulatory authorities, employees and their families and the community in general BHAGYALAXMI IMPEX LTD™ Offers:

- Fair Dealings

- Transparency

- Accountability

-   Complies with Best Practice Principles.

-   Assures adherence to the Kimberly Process.

-   Ensures Consumer Confidence Measures.

-   Executes Diamond Manufacturing Excellence

(Cut by World Standard Craftsmen).

-   Exceptional Standards of Community Service.

-   Compliance to Pipeline Integrity.

A diamond doesn’t lose its value due to lack of admiration.


Diamond (Rough and Polish).

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Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd™ is also privileged to be a Licensed Company in Rough Diamond Buying, Trading and Refining in Ghana, Liberia And Ivory Coast. While such privilege ensures access to reliable and consistent rife range of rough diamonds supply and a wide range of sizes, it also reflects the kind of responsibilities that Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd™ accepts

The Uppermost and products

Exceptional value transfer in material to the down Stream supply chain

Exceeding adherence standard to BPP, Kimberly Process and general standards expected of business associates

These represent Bhagyalaxmi Impex’s commitment to its Suppliers, channel  Partners, eventual consumers and its own social conscience. The diamonds are traded under the banner of Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd™

which is an indigenous body representing Indian Diamond trading firm. There are diamonds on the earth and then more sellers.

There are diamantaries, processing units,Ornaments display, designers, manufacturers and then more of the same. if you have to pick someone and choose wisely here are the compelling reasons why Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd™ makes more sense:

There are three phased directions to the Business.