The company is currently evaluating opportunities in Gold business, Committed to responsible development and operating to the highest environmental standards, Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd. acts with a long-term view, creating mutually beneficial relationship with our communities, employees, investors, partners and other people critical to our success and the economic development of Ghana and West Africa.

Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd. is and would be the first Indian Company to assemble this land package and conduct modern exploration, including geochemistry, geophysics and the first drilling ever conducted on the properties for gold deposits mining.

The Company is focused on enhancing the value of the Ghana Gold Project by both production growth and an aggressive exploration program on the highly prospective tenements and identifying new growth opportunities, through judicious and profitable acquisition programs.

Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd™ has been eyeing on getting listed on the London Stock Exchange and on the New Your Stock Exchange along with Ghana Stock Exchange. The Company’s flagship asset, the 100% owned Gold project in Ghana, recently commenced permitting, which is a clearly defined process expected to take 3-4 years. Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd™. Gold is a uniquely attractive asset which, in terms of size grade, exploration potential, production profile and jurisdictional safety, is regarded to be the most important gold project in the world today. As per the Feasibility Study, Bhagyalaxmi Impex  Ltd™ Gold is expected to produce grater than 1M ounces annually over a 27-year mine life.

The Twelve Pillars :


We provide opportunities for personal and professional development. It’s about helping our people reach their full potential. We value and respect each individual’s contributions. Working at Gold corp is more than just a job-it’s life choice.


We are committed to protecting our people by looking out for each other, by recognizing the complexity of the task at hand, and by enhancing our abilities to recognize and deal with risk. Gold corp leads safety because we care.


Within and outside the company, being a good partner is essential to being a good cooperate citizen in the communities where we operate. Good partnership facilitates team work and allows us to apply our collective expertise.


We strive continually to improve our quality and output in whatever technical measure is relevant to where we work. Our overall gold production is the result of thousands of different technical inputs.


Growing our reserves is fundamental to the long term viability of our business. By replacing the gold we produce, we provide the resources for future development. Growing Reserves ensures company’s future.


Every one of us must be aware, at all times, of the financial implications of our decisions. Strong margins will ensure Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd™ remains the lowest cost senior gold producer and will allow us to deliver on our commitment to shreholders. Bhagyalxmi Impex Ltd™ is business focused corporation with an eye on the bottom line.


Our people are committed to our strategic goals and we are committed to helping our people achieve theirs.


Through meaningful training, enterprise wide apprenticeships, and professional development programs, we share our collective experience and now how. We actively encourage collaborative work to ensure opportunities for both mentor ship and growth.



We can offer a career to satisfy anyone’s need for development and evolution, from our work environments (fly-in/fly-out, town-based, corporate roles) to varying schedules, operations, and cultural dynamics. Our network offers unparalleled professional and cultural opportunities: if it’s change you crave, you won’t be disappointed.

Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd™ is the company in the business of discovering and developing gold deposits and is a well - financed precious metals company engaged in the development of mineral properties in West Africa. It is a public company registered in Ghana. Its registered office is Accra Ghana was established in early 2012 to explore and develop mineral deposits in Ghana. The Boar of Bhagayalaxmi Impex Ltd Limited Company is composed of highly experienced professionalss pann ing business exploration, Product development, Project finance and Financial Control of public companies. It is supported by well trained and highly motivated Ghanaian Staff that operates from Gold Mine exploration offices in Accra.

What makes Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd. Unique ?

We’re a fast-growing company with unlimited opportunity. We are growing to become on of the world’s top senior gold producers. Over the next five years we expect to start our gold production by 100%.

We’re all about achievement. Our culture is guided by integrity and inclusion . Each ndividual’s experience and ingenuity is valued nd respected. We are assertive, innovative and iverse - and we all share a pursuit of personal and professional excellence. We’re committed to sustainable prosperity. We embrace safe mining practices, environmental responsibility and sharing the socioeconomic rewards of mining among shareholders, employees, partners and communities.

The Company’s objective is to enhance share holder wealth through acquisition, exploration and development of mineral assets in Ghana. This objective will be pursued primarily through active exploration on its current projects and by using the Company’s experience in Ghana to acquire further quality mineral projects on com putative terms that can be quickly evaluated and taken to the next stage of development. The company will undertake continual risk assessment of its project and take whatever action it believes are necessary to ensure that these risks are mitigated.



It’s not the only reason people work, but it’s high on the list. We’re competitive, offering attractive remuneration with market based salaries, performance based incentives, and employee share purchase programs. We also are committed to adding value through retirement programs and full spectrum health benefit plans across our Operations.


We believe in the value of play and we develop health and wiliness facilities and activities for our people across our operations including fitness memberships and equipment reimbursement, gym facilities at remote sites, wellness programs, and team and recreation group sponsorship.


We are actively invested as citizens in our operating communities, striving to build sustainable social and economic prosperity. Each operation affords a unique perspective and experience and we count on our people to grow our positive reputation around the world. Wherever we go, we work under a common vision: to be Responsible, Respected, and Welcomed, Safe enough for our families if it’s not safe enough for our families, it’s not safe enough. Your health and safety are our first priority period All are welcomed.

We maintainan inclusive, diverse, and discrimination free culture across all our operations, bringing our focus on human rights and operational excellence with us around the world.

These are just some of the cultural values that make us strong.



These policies will serve to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the communities and natural resources, including wildlife that may reside in the area where exploration and possible subsequent mining may occur. The above principles will also apply with respect to the approach to health and safety for all employees and those individuals, communities, and companies that may become involved with or affected by the planned exploration program, and all subsequent evaluation and mining programs.

Appropriate community liaison, disclosure and interaction will be undertaken at all stags by Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd. The level of consultation and disclosure will increase with the increased scale of activities.

The company recognizes that conditions in the plantation of Ghana may have high bio diversity value and consequently the company will strive to ensure that sound practices are followed at all times.


The company believes that proactive corporate social responsibility constitute the foundation for both successful exploration and sustainable development. As such, we will strive to ensure strong environmental management at every exploration stage, prospect, and mine site. In addition, proactive health and safety procedures, transparent interaction with local communities, and implementation of prudent expenditure and business performance will remain at the top of our priority list.

The long term success of Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd is connected to our ability to operate in a socially and

environmentally responsible way. We are committed to proactive and sustainable health, safety, environmental management, and community best practices.

Sustainability Principles :

-     Build on international best practices for      

exploration and mining.

-    Employ environmental standards as mandated by the Ghana EPA.

-     Implement health and safety best practices.

-     Comply with all World Bank Group policies.

-     Establish and implement appropriate         

communication and consultation procedures

with all stakeholder.

-    Assist in the development of sustainable Local

policies and procedures to minimize the

impact of exploration and mining on the     

natural landscape and local communities.

The Company will also implement appropriate procedures for different stage of its airborne surveys ground exploration, prospecting and evaluation, and development work.

Environmental & Social Management at the Development Stage. The Company recognizes the benefits of proactively engaging and working with local communities for the benefit of all stakeholders. As such, the company will communicate and consult with local communities and stakeholders with a view to fostering mutual understanding and shared benefits through the promotion and maintenance of open and constructive dialogue and working relationship.

In order to maximize the benefits arising out of any

mining development, the company will ensure that all construction and mining operations carried out by it or by subsidiaries and joint ventures to which the company is party adhere to the guidelines.


The health and safety of its employees, contractors, affected communities and all other that may participate and be affected by the activities of Ghana are critical to the long term success of the Company.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the best practice health and safety policies are implemented and adhered to. This includes prompt and in-depth accident and incident investigation reports and the implementation of the any recommendations contained therein.


Proactive, healthy interaction with the communities impacted by the company’s exploration and development programs in an important part of the long term investment strategy for Ghana.

Though early stages of airborne exploration have a minimal impact on communities, this changes once targets are identified and evaluation and development programs are implemented.

The Company recognizes that from the inception of the program, and as the project progresses it will be important to:

Communicate and interact proactively with any community and role player that may be affected by its programs, inform and obtain buy-in with any stakeholders that may be impacted by exploration, evaluation and development.

The Company will work closely with Government authorities, other elected parties, non-governmental organizations, and the communities themselves to in order to ensure transparency regarding the Company’s activities and ensure community impact is kept to a minimum.

Prior to implementing any drilling, evaluation and other such programs, the Company will endeavour to identify the impact of the proposed activities and determine how to best manage them to minimize negative impacts and maximize potential benefits at affected communities.