Gold Refining

KAPAISA & NAIK REFINERIES AND DEVELOPERS PVT. LTD. INDIA is a world class state of the art refinery running its operations in Rudrapur, Uttrakhand, India since February 2016. KAPAISA & NAIK REFINERIES AND DEVELOPERS PVT. LTD. Has setup state of art refining facility of 300 kg of precious metal daily to meet the high demand on gold production in India. With nation’s “Make in India” initiative as our driving force, the company focuses on quality and quantity. BGL Gold is the trade mark with its unique security design. The refinery will cater refining of all form and types of precious metal.

Precious Metal Testing Facility is well equipped with the following facilities :

1. Fire Assay

2. X-Ray Flourocense Spectrometer

3. Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

4. Fume Scrubber

5. Tensile Testing

6. Analytical Scale for Precision

7. Sampling Resource Data Bank